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The true story of the Medallion of St. Barthelemy

It all started in 1983 with a sparkling meeting the jeweler Dominique Elie and St. Barthelemy, when Dominic arrived in St. Barthelemy he fell in love with the island, a passion that has never left him. So what more natural for a jeweler to create a jewel in the image of this island so beloved? Thus, the talent of the craftsman was born 27 years ago, with the famous medallion of St. Barthelemy.

Just like the island with various facets, the jewel was available in several versions: a pendant, a bracelet, but also in button cuffs and earring. It can be plain gold, without artifice, in blue sapphires like the sea around the island, with a little diamond, chic and elegant, but it can also be entirely set with diamonds to shine in the most coveted evening parties. This is why every lover of St. Barthelemy will be excited and proud to carry this unique and authentic symbol.